WonderCon 2014: Ali Larter and Tina Majorino talk TNT’s ‘Legends.’


There was plenty to see at WonderCon 2014, but among the highlights was a sneak peek at TNT’s upcoming spy drama, Legends. The new series stars Sean Bean as Martin Odum, a deep cover FBI operative who specializes in assuming new identities – called “legends” – in order to further his investigation. But after a lifetime of becoming different people, has Martin begun to lose sight of his own identity?

Martin’s point of contact is Crystal Maguire (Ali Larter), an experienced handler with plenty of field training. Larter is well-known for her action-oriented roles in Heroes and the Resident Evil films, but while her character may have a desk job, don’t expect her to be taking it easy.


“I’m way more than a handler,” she says with a laugh. “I have to handle Martin and make sure everything is running well within the office, but I’m always in the field. Last week I was in Hazmat suits, I was shooting Glocks, Sig Sauer’s… it’s full on.” But the role also offers Larter an opportunity to delve into some deeper issues, as well.

“The show is a chance for me to do all that fun action stuff and kick ass,” she explains. “And then also really dive into the psychological toll it takes to have chosen this career. The cracks and the breaks, and when she goes home at night… in the darkness of the night, what happens to you?”


Also joining the Legends cast is Tina Majorino, well known for her recurring role on Veronica Mars as brainy computer genius Cindy “Mac” MacKenzie. While her role as the team’s resident tech expert Maggie Harris sounds a bit similar, Majorino is keen to get her hands dirty and take part in some of the action.

“That’s what I want,” she says, crossing her fingers for emphasis. “I want desperately for that to happen. We’re going to have to see how it unfolds. I have no idea, myself, where this character is going to go… I’ve been training for six months, just in case.”

Legends is currently scheduled to premiere on August 22, exclusively on TNT.

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