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TV REVIEW – ‘Wilfred’ – “Uncertainty” and “Comfort”


Review- Wilfred Premiere 03

Wilfred is back for another season of debauchery and uncomfortable situations in the two-episode premiere on FX, kicking the season off in a very strong fashion.

The first episode, Uncertainty, deals with some pretty trippy and dark scenarios as Ryan (Elijah Wood) and Wilfred (Jason Gann) argue whether Wilfred actually exists, and if so, what he is exactly after the events of the season 2 finale. The discussions are interesting and darkly funny in the way you’ve come to expect from Wilfred, but Uncertainty really becomes a classic in the second half of the episode where Jason Gann takes on a dual role. It’s damn funny stuff, and in addition Angela Kinsey (The Office) brings her deadpan borderline creepy sense of humor to a role perfectly suited for her. 

Review- Wilfred Premiere 01

Uncertainty hits the right balance of dark and light that the show has sometimes struggled to maintain, but does with ease in the first episode of season 3. Some interesting ideas are bandied about and set up for what could be a very revealing season for the surly pooch and his friends. (For more on the future of season 3 read our interview with Jason Gann and Fiona Gubelmann here.)

The follow-up episode, Comfort, dials the dark down a bit and goes a bit more with the straightforward comedy, and it’s a refreshing one-two punch for a season premiere. Ryan makes friends with the arch-enemy of all dogs, the mailman (Zachary Knighton), much to Wilfred’s dismay, so in an act of defiance he finds religion. Jenna (Fiona Gubelmann) returns, now living the married life with Drew (Chris Klein) while trying to be there for Ryan, but he’s enjoying the male-bonding with his new mailman buddy as Wilfred tries to undermine the friendship using her as a weapon.

Review- Wilfred Premiere 02

Lots of really funny scenes in this one, and Wilfred finding religion and how it affects his relationship with Bear are quite hilarious. Jenna is very nurturing and protective of Ryan in the episode as well, leading to some foreshadowing of how Ryan may still be feeling inside. Comfort reunites the main cast members in a lighter, sometimes even sweet, episode that provides a nice bookend to the first episode.

The Good:

The mind-trip of the intro to the season. Jason Gann’s duel roles. The guest stars. Wilfred finding religion. The lighter tone of the second episode.

The Bad:

Chris Klein doesn’t have much to do. Having to put the Wilfred mystery on hold.

The Verdict:

Season 3 starts strong with a pair of wickedly funny very confident episodes that set the ground work for some potentially big payoffs throughout the season.


‘Uncertainty’ ★★★

‘Comfort’ ★★★

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