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REVIEW – ‘Jeff, Who Lives at Home’


Jeff (Jason Segel) is a 30-year-old slacker who still lives at home, smoking pot and obsessing about the intricate ways in which everyone and everything in the universe are somehow connected. His brother Pat (Ed Helms) is arrogant and self-centered, and completely oblivious to the fact that his marriage to Linda (Judy Greer) is on the verge of collapse. Their mother (Susan Sarandon) works a mediocre office job and spends her days wondering if she somehow failed her children.

During a trip to the store to purchase some wood glue, Jeff finds himself faced with a series of bizarre events which he becomes convinced are trying to lead him toward his ultimate destiny. He crosses paths with his brother, who is perpetually irritated by Jeff’s outlook on life, and an argument ensues that causes them to stumble onto a secret that may severely alter the life they’ve both grown accustomed to.

The film moves along at a brisk pace for its 83-minute runtime, and manages to solve each character’s conflict before the credits roll – though none in quite the way you might expect. The interaction between Helms and Segel feels very authentic, and the petty bickering between the characters will be easily relatable to anyone who has a sibling they don’t get along with. Greer is wonderful in the handful of scenes that she appears in, and the same can be said for Sarandon, whose character has an interesting subplot involving a secret admirer.

With Segel and Helms in the starring roles, viewers might expect a raunchy, outrageous comedy in the vein of Forgetting Sarah Marshall or The Hangover, but the Duplass brothers have crafted a very unique experience with their sophomore effort. Their approach to humor is much more subtle, resulting in a film that has very few laugh-out-loud moments, but remains light-hearted and enjoyable throughout.

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