Photo Gallery: ‘The Knick’ Surgeon’s Box Promo Kit


There’s something exciting about arriving home to find a large package waiting on your doorstep, particularly when that package is addressed to you and has shown up quite unexpectedly. The package was sent by Cinemax, and having no idea what could possibly be inside, I set about trying to find out the answer. After struggling a bit with the bubble wrap, I managed to extract this.

the knick surgeon box 01

Hey, those are my initials! But why did someone from Cinemax send me a wooden box with leather straps? And more importantly, what was in the box?

the knick surgeon box 02

Okay, so this is pretty awesome: a turn of the century surgeon’s kit to promote the upcoming premiere of The Knick, Cinemax’s medical drama series set in the year 1900. Clive Owen stars as John Thackery, the brilliant and arrogant head of surgery at New York City’s Knickerbocker Hospital, whose addiction to cocaine and opium balances out the pressures of working in the medical field, in a time with shocking mortality rates and no antibiotics.

See the gallery below for more photos of the contents, including replicas of 1900-era medical supplies, surgery slides, a welcome letter from Dr. Thackery, and a syringe that doubles as a USB drive (pre-loaded with promo materials).

The Knick will premiere this Friday on Cinemax. Check back later this week for our review of the first episode.

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