Interview: ‘Little Boy’ Star Jakob Salvati


There are plenty of movies about characters with amazing abilities and extraordinary powers, but most of them feature adults in flashy costumes or metal suits. Little Boy, opening on Friday from Open Road Films, is the story of a 7-year-old boy who will do anything in his power in order to bring his father home safely from World War II.

With the film hitting theaters this week, we decided to reach out to the Little Boy himself, Jakob Salvati, and ask him a few questions via email. Here’s what he told us.

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The trailer for Little Boy teases the idea that Pepper Flynt Busbee might have some extraordinary powers. What do you think the was the point of the scene when you were on stage with the magician and you were asked to perform magic? 

To show that nothing is impossible if you believe.

What are some of your favorite stories about movie or comic book characters that have extraordinary powers?

The Hulk! This is because I’m kinda like him. For my age I’m pretty strong, and The Hulk is strong.

So I’m guessing you read comics and watch comic book movies? What are some of the ones you like or dislike?

I read The Hulk because he’s my favorite. I like pretty much all comic characters, because I think they all rock!

If you had a chance to play any comic book character or superhero in a film, who would you pick?

I would definitely pick The Hulk!

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In case you couldn’t tell, Jakob is a big fan of The Hulk. Unfortunately, that role is currently unavailable – but we can’t expect Mark Ruffalo to keep that job forever, so maybe Jakob will get his wish someday.

Until then, you can check him out in Little Boy, which opens in theaters this Friday, April 24.

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